On August 29, Yoo Joo Eun‘s older brother announced the news of Yoo Joo Eun’s passing through his Instagram. Along with Yoo Joo-eun’s letter, he wrote: “On August 29, 2022, Joo-eun left this world to go to a place of comfort. I am sharing this post as per Joo Eun’s last request.”

Actress Yoo Joo Eun passed away at age 27

Yoo Joo Eun
Image Credit: Koreaboo

Yoo Joo Eun’s letter has been translated into:

I’m sorry, I went ahead. I especially feel sorry for mom, dad, grandma, and brother. I scream in my heart that I don’t want to live. Life may be empty without me, but live with courage. I keep an eye on everything and please do not cry.

I’m not sad at all now. I feel determined and calm. I think it’s because I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.

I was living a happier life than I deserved. That’s enough for me so please don’t put blame to anyone.

I’m not dead, so please live well. I hope many people will be invited to my funeral. I really wanted to act. Maybe it was my everything and part of me… But this life wasn’t easy. I don’t want anything else. It was so hopeless. I realized that wanting to do something is a blessing, but wanting to do it is a curse.

God loves me so he won’t send me to hell. He understands my feelings and takes care of me. Don’t worry, everyone.

And to my dear family, friends and loved ones. Thank you for appreciating me and loving me. That was my strength and my smile. I think I was able to lead a rich life because I lived until the end with unforgettable memories. Thank you for understanding and holding me when I’m lacking and impatient. Sorry for not being able to express myself well. But you understand my feelings, right?

And for all the precious relationships I have built, especially with my teachers, I am so grateful and I admire you all. Thank you for teaching me so many things in life.

Mama, Papa, I love you. Please do not cry.

Yoo Joo-eun appeared on tvN ‘Omori’, K-drama ‘Big Forest‘ and TV Chosun ‘Joseon Survival Age‘. Her funeral will be held at Ajou University Hospital.

My deepest condolences to Yoo Joo Eun’s family. Rest in peace.

Yoo Joo Eun
Image Credit: Kbizoom

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