Vincent Tan became a vegan 7 years ago. He is active in promoting a vegan diet. He is planning to sell Kenny Rogers Roasters to reduce meat sales. In an interview, Vincent Tan states that he visited Master Cheng Yen in 2015. He was enlightened to change his diet.

In a recent event, Vincent Tan states that there is a lot of misconception about veganism. Many believe that veganism is about eating only vegetables and salads. He states that eating plant-based diets like laksa and nasi lemak makes him feel better.

Vincent Tan: Berjaya Cafe is the only vegan restaurant in Malaysia 5-star hotel

Vincent Tan

According to Vincent Tan, Berjaya Café is the only 5-star hotel in Malaysia which provides a vegan diet. Since its transition in 2018, Berjaya Café has served over 150,000 customers. Vincent Tan recalls that when he proposed to turn Berjaya Café into a vegan restaurant, the board of directors questioned him as it might disappoint the customers.

Vincent Tan states that Malaysia has around 5% or 6% of vegan people. He recalled that he was once very poor. When he tried to get the permit to manage McDonalds, he saw animals being killed in the factory. He ignored that because he wanted to get the permit so much. Now, he was not poor anymore, and thus he planned to sell Kenny Rogers Roasters.

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