The official explanation is in coordination with Apple to solve the technical problem, downloaded application services are not affected!

Touch N Go

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Touch' n Go services are causing concern

Apple users were shocked yesterday when the Touch’ N Go eWallet App suddenly disappeared from the Apple App Store, prompting them to flock to the Touch’ N Go eWallet page to ask why.

The person responsible for Touch ‘N Go eWallet is currently responding to user inquiries one by one. In addition to explaining that the authorities are coordinating with the Apple App on this matter, the authorities also ask users to be patient and wait for further information.

Touch ‘N Go eWallet says users who have downloaded the Touch’ N Go eWallet app will be able to use it normally.

In response to the concerns of customers and the public, the authorities also apologized to affected customers in the post, and said that the authorities are working with Apple to coordinate the matter and ensure that customers do not have to worry.

Services are not affected

In response to netizens’ questions, the person in charge of the electronic wallet face book page also reiterated that the functions of the current electronic wallet application will not be affected and can be used normally.

Meanwhile, the authorities also asked the public and users to be patient and update the situation and details once the technical issues are resolved.

The Touch ‘N Go E Wallet App has been removed from apple’s App Store for no apparent reason, according to reports on social media.

The App in question is currently widely used in Malaysia, but has suddenly disappeared from the App Store since yesterday. Even searching or clicking on an earlier link shows that the App no longer exists.

However, the app can still be found on Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery.

It is unclear why the App was removed from apple’s App Store, which typically suspends apps if they violate Apple’s App Store terms and conditions.

It is understood that Apple’s App Store will usually only remove an App if it violates its terms after an update, or if the developer account of the App has not been renewed.

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