Yee Poh Ping, who ran as an independent candidate, slammed PH for ignoring the issue of duplicate signatures of SDs in the 15th general election. He argued that the reason why PH ignored the SD issue was that it had already formed a successful government.

Repeated signatures on SD should be reviewed

Image Credit: The Star

Yee Poh Ping said the government should comprehensively explore and review the problem of repeated signatures on SD and amend the anti-hopping bill, which is designed to prevent politicians from abusing SD for personal gain. He also indicated that he had reported the case to the police.

He also said it was unlikely that the politician signed an SD to one person at 8 a.m. but signed it again to another person shortly after that. It is not reasonable to sign two copies of the same SD. Yee Poh Ping said frankly that the candidates might lack principles and abuse the SD. He believes that political parties such as GPS, GRS, and DAP will vote for whichever party can offer better terms.

Yee Poh Ping stressed that when MPs have signed the SD to one party but at the same time are signing to another party, the anti-hopping bill has lost its meaning.

The government was formed with the support of BN, GPS, GRS, Pakatan Harapan, and several smaller parties and independent MPs, in addition to its own 83 seats.

However, Muhyiddin insisted that he succeeded in obtaining the legal affidavit of 115 MPs and asked Anwar to prove that he had the support of the majority of seats.

Anwar then said that he had the support of 140 seats and that he would also move a motion of confidence in the prime minister when the lower house meets on December 19.

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