Mydin boss Ameer Ali Mydin has challenged rapper Caprice to file a lawsuit against him and his hypermarket chain over a Twitter post that allegedly humiliated the latter.

Mydin Boss Said Caprice Should Send Letter to Their Lawyers for Further Action

Mydin Boss
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Caprice or Ariz Ramli had earlier threatened to sue the Mydin chain for RM30 million if he did not receive an apology from them. He also demanded that the Twitter post be deleted.

Ameer told him that he should send their lawyers a letter asking them to take further action If he really wants to sue them.

Kosmo quoted Ameer as saying that none of the posts his company uploaded on its social media platforms were criminal or insulting to anyone by saying, “We (Mydin) didn’t even mention the name Caprice or tag him in our post, so why is he offended?”

Mydin’s Twitter post read: “Thought of just buying tea at first, but also bought a cap and some rice. Upon reaching home, I felt like the cap and rice were unnecessary. Luckily, Mydin allows purchases to be returned within 24 hours.”

Yesterday, Ariz posted on Instagram that he will continue to take legal action against Mydin if the company does not post a video apology and pay compensation for such “reckless” posts.

“Due to this public humiliation, our client (Ariz) no longer feels safe and will forever be traumatised by shoppers and workers from Mydin,” the post said.

Today, Caprice uploaded an Instagram story to pay for Malaysians who wish to shop at Mydin.

“I want to pay for their rice, oil and three other items next week. Just choose any one location, Subang Jaya, Bukit Jelutong or Batu Caves,” he said.

Ameer welcomed Ariz’s proposal, saying supermarkets would offer customers a 1kg packet of sugar to make the deal more attractive.

“It’s good that he’s doing charity work, helping others. Just don’t forget to contact the relevant Mydin branch,” he added.

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