Muhyiddin’s lead counsel, Datuk Cheng Poh Teck, pointed out that although the High Court has so far dismissed the four charges of abuse of power, he is confident that the remaining three charges of money laundering will also be dismissed.

The High Court said in its judgment on dismissing the abuse of power cases that the four charges were dismissed because the charges did not clearly disclose any crime and Muyudin could not prepare a clear defense.

Muhyiddin Denied All Charges

Image Credit: Hk101

Muhyiddin was charged on March 10 this year with four counts of corruption and abuse of power and two counts of money laundering. He was also charged on March 13 with receiving RM5 million in proceeds from illegal activities. He denied all the charges and demanded a trial.

In his affidavit on the application to quash the charges, Muhyiddin argued that the charges were legally defective and improper as the alleged offenses were not disclosed.

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