Syed Saddiq announced that MUDA will withdraw its support for the unity government. Syed Saddiq is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Johor Muar district. With the announcement of the withdrawal of support for the unity government, Syed Saddiq has become an opposition MP and he is also the only MP for MUDA.

MUDA Won't Join PN

Image Credit: Ecentral

Sources have revealed that Seshadi has written to the Speaker of the Lower House indicating that MUDA will withdraw its stance in favor of the unity government.

While MUDA will no longer support the unity government, it will not join the PN either. In the previous elections in six states, all MUDA candidates lost.

The Johor MUDA president said he would support party president Syed Saddiq’s decision to withdraw support for the unity government. The support has four reasons, including the fact that the government’s recent decision violates the principle of legality and runs counter to MUDA’s philosophy.

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