JJ Lin also responded immediately

The company stressed that “stop the rumor behavior”, Ryan Ko is not weak, also responded: “let him choke, that is the netizens themselves in the corresponding seat.”

Jj Lin

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More than decades after his Revelations, Ryan Ko tridacna case more than publicly mentioned Dilraba and Lu Han, but also said that they have evidence related to the JJ Lin case, which made the named figures one by one popular search. Ryan Ko also posted screenshots, sharing that all the keywords mentioned after his live broadcast were hot search, and ranked 1st to 16th. He responded happily: “Originally, this is called the Whole Slaughter list, a word is hot search, I know a record of a live broadcast 1-16 all included.”


The phrase “JJ Lin Suite” was trending on Weibo, and his company was quick to respond, saying: “Irrational innuendo about online, the company reiterated that if anyone master Mr. JJ Lin involved in illegal and criminal evidence, please be sure to report it to the relevant departments, the company will actively cooperate with the investigation work with Mr. JJ Lin, otherwise, please do not take up public resources, disrupt the network order, please stop all the rumors, tale and other illegal ACTS, safeguard civilized network environment clear.”

Netizens posted Lin's statement on Ryan Ko's comment section

Some netizens posted Lin’s company statement on his face book message board, to which Ryan Ko responded: “Make him choke, that’s netizens themselves matching seats! The murder was a fact and it was in the news. How can you explain it?”

Jj Lin

Ryan Ko shares the hot list.

Then, earlier way in face book, and also to mention JJ Lin events: “finally hit singer JJ, those pages on the society, we went to the judge, users want to see the paparazzi PK singer, I won’t fall for it, live too many users want to with you yesterday, I just mention the past reports, is excuse me!”

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