On 22 July 25, 2022, Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin experienced a serious accident at TaoYuan area. Luckily, the site worker nearby can save him before the car gets on fire. If not, he might shower in the fire with his Tesla. After a few days of surgeries, his situation had become more stable, and waiting for further treatment. The public showed their empathy towards the situation and hopes that he can get well soon.

However, there are a group of people who make a joke of his accident by making memes. Their actions are like the followers of Satan. This kind of immoral action is making people start to think of what had happened to our world. Even such serious cases of others can be made fun with. Sincerely, I hope that everyone should anti this kind of value which builds your happiness on others’ pain. Last but not the least, I pray that Jimmy can get well soon and return to the front of the public in a healthy condition. 


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