The death toll of the Itaewon stampede raises to 154. Itaewon stampede survivors told the police that at least five to six Korean men deliberately pushed and shouted “push harder” before the accident happened.

According to the South Korean media, the Itaewon stampede survivors all claims that the cause of the incident was a group of unknown people who were “deliberately” pushing. After that, the crowd began to fall downhill.

Police Accessing CCTV Around The Site Of Itaewon Stampede Incident

Itaewon Stampede
Image Credit: News.ltn

The Korea Police have finished cleaning up the scene of the incident, and the priority now is to obtain and access the CCTV footage of the Hamilton Hotel in the back alley of Itaewon. The police are also planning to find the exact location of the incident from the nearby shopkeepers and people who witnessed the incident.

Business Owner Refuse To Help Itaewon Stampede Victims

According to a report by Korean media Safetimes, a South Korean man who escaped from a deadly accident has recounted his frightening experience online. He was trying to escape by climbing into a bar at the time of the incident, only to be kicked out by the bar’s security guards for not having an entry pass.

A number of netizens have also confirmed after the man shared his experience and said there were not many people in the bar. If the manager had paid attention, the bar could have been used as an escape route. Netizens said that the bar’s main entrance is only about 6 steps away.

Video Credit: NBC News

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