South Korea new generation actress Han So Hee by ramming drama “The World of the Married” Yeo Da Kyung one part burst red, more won the title of “the most beautiful mistress”, star road opened her in succession to perform “Nevertheless”, “My Name”, popularity soared rapidly.

However, a photo of Han So Hee and Song Kang dressed as lovers went viral on the Internet on March 18. It was alleged that they were Han So Hee and Song Kang, because they had collaborated on the film “Nevertheless”. Now it is suspected that they are fake, and their love has sparked a rapid discussion on the Internet. However, both brokerage companies have not responded to this.

Photos of Han So Hee and Song Kang dating photo have gone viral

Han So Hee

Photo credit: Netflix’s Nevertheless

Some netizens claimed to have seen Han and Song on a date, and even pointed out that the man often hung out near her house, which sparked controversy. But Her co-star in “My Name” Wen Xiang Min was the first to clarify, Posting a clearer photo: “My Name dinner party!” At the same time also TAG Han So Hee’s account, for the woman to clarify love rumors.


In the photo, the couple, who are thought to be Han and Song, are wearing masks, black jackets and casual shorts. They look like young couples going shopping nearby from home, while Han is close to Song and holding up her mobile phone, as if she is taking a selfie.

In fact, when the two were filming together, there were reports that Song had been spotted near Han’s house and even exercising in a fitness center near her residential area. After photos of them apparently dating were published, most netizens expressed positive views about their relationship, saying that they were a perfect match, Posting messages such as “HANDSOME man with beautiful woman, I can do it” and “CP true? Congratulations!”

Han So Hee won praise for her performance as a double agent in “My Name,” which featured a high-level martial arts scene and a nude scene. How expected, she recently in an interview, frankly, is photographed behind just know that there is a bed show, this caused Korean network controversy, that the director, screenwriter too do not respect the actress, at that time caused no small controversy, Wen Xiang Min play narcotics group Interpol Gao Jian Ping, handsome appearance to attract high attention.

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