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In conjunction with the Johor Straits high tide and a heavy rainfall, there was a flash flood at Johor Bahru districts yesterday afternoon (December 7th). Johor State Government and four local governments in Johor Bahru set up a flood coordination technical task force to enhance the drainage system to be sufficient to cope with 100 millimeters of rainfall.

Johor Housing and Local Government Executive Councillor Datuk Mohd Jaafni disclosed that yesterday at 1.30pm the rain fell as much as 60 millimeters of rainfall, compared to the general downpour between 10 to 20 millimeters, it is three times more than usual. Not only that, the Straits of Johor yesterday, there was a high tide of up to 2.7 to 2.9 meters.

Flash Flood Was Due To Large Amount Of Water Unable To Discharge In Short Time

Flash Flood
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He said even though the pumps of the Water and Irrigation Department and the local government around Johor Bahru city area were in full operation, they were unable to drain such a large amount of water smoothly within a short period of time, which ultimately resulted in flash flood in a number of areas around Johor Bahru.

“According to the Johor Bahru County Department’s report, a total of 38 locations in the county experienced flash flooding yesterday afternoon, with the Johor Bahru metropolitan area experiencing the highest number of flash flooding in as many as 25 areas.”

Mohamad Giafoni held a press conference this morning to report on the situation and announce the formation of the Task Force. Attendees included Johor Public Works, Transportation and Infrastructure Executive Councillor Mohamad Fazli, Johor Bahru Mayor Datuk Mohamad Norazim, Princess Iskandar City Mayor Datuk Mohamad Hafiz and others.

The said TAT members cover Johor government executive councillors, Johor Bahru Municipal Council, Pasir Gudang Municipal Council, Princess Iskandar City Municipal Council, Kulai Municipal Council, Johor Public Works Department and Johor Water and Irrigation Department and Johor Bahru District Office.

Mohammed Ghafni revealed that today’s coordination meeting of the special forces to discuss several matters related to the response to flooding, including the pumping pumps are not enough, the full upgrade to cope with more rainfall, namely 100 millimeters of the drainage system and the appointment of water conservancy engineering experts, in order to study the future face of the Johor Bahru huge rainfall and water, the technical aspects of the response program.

He emphasized that in the long run, upgrading the drainage system to cope with 100 mm rainfall is the key to reducing flooding, such as road drainage holes will be enlarged by four times to increase the drainage capacity.

He cited an example, these drainage holes are often blocked by garbage and leaves, resulting in road surface water can not be discharged smoothly, in addition to regular and increased efforts to clean up, upgrade the drainage system is very important.

He said that in terms of funding, the four local governments in Johor Bahru alone will be allocated RM66.09 million for flood prevention and water treatment next year, not including the Public Works Department and the Water and Irrigation Department’s flood prevention allocation.

“In order to complete the response and preparation before the flooding occurs, the above mentioned coordination meeting of the task force will be held once a month to follow up on the progress of the implementation of the long, medium and short-term solutions. In next month’s meeting, the number of drainage holes that still need to be widened will be identified and a decision will be made on when to start the work.”

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