The preliminary investigation into the case of the decomposed body of a woman found in the bushes of Tambun Street revealed that the deceased was a missing person who was reported missing on October 8th. Perak Chief Superintendent Datuk Mohammad Yusri said the police went through the missing person’s report and found that the deceased was on the list.

Mohammad Yusri said that the father of the 23-year-old woman had called the police because he had lost contact with her at 4.30pm on October 7th after she had left for work.

Police have set up a task force to investigate the case of the decompose body

Decompose Body
Image Credit: Kwong Wah

Mohammed Yusri said that according to the autopsy results, it had been more than a few days since the woman’s death and that the police had set up a task force to investigate the case and the location of the victim was found.

According to reports, the deceased was found after a soldier lost control of his vehicle and overturned in a roadside ditch while passing through a traffic light on Ammon Street. The police were investigating the accident when they accidentally found the deceased in the grass about 2 meters away. An autopsy was carried out on the deceased, who was confirmed to have been strangled.

Video Credit: The Star

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