Health director Dr. Tan Sri Noor Hisham said that the occupancy rates of ICU beds for Covid-19 in Kuala Lumpur and Perlis are more than half, reaching 60% and 55% respectively. Putrajaya (69%) and Selangor (56%). As of yesterday, the number of confirmed, suspected confirmed and under-investigation cases in the ICU dropped to 236, while the number of patients requiring ventilators dropped to 140, and the rate of ventilator use further decreased to 236. 16%.

“As many as 23,302 patients recovered yesterday, bringing the cumulative number of recoveries to 4,041,723, or 95% of the 4,256,469 cumulative confirmed cases.”

Noor Hisham said that of the new cases reported yesterday, 89 or 0.89% were severe cases belonging to the third, fourth and fifth patients, and the remaining 9913 cases or 99.11% were the first (asymptomatic) and second (asymptomatic) and second ( mild) patients.

He analyzed that among the 89 cases of grades 3, 4 and 5, 34 (38.20%) had not received booster shots; 31 (34.83%) had not been vaccinated or had not been fully vaccinated against COVID-19; the remaining 24 (34.83%) 26.97%) patients have received booster shots.

There were no new infection clusters in my country yesterday, while 173 active infection clusters remained.

Coronavirus data from the Ministry of Health’s COVIDNOW website

According to the Ministry of Health’s COVIDNOW website, Malaysia reported 28 deaths from Covid-19 yesterday, bringing the total to 35,127 deaths so far.

Of the deaths reported yesterday, seven were BID cases, bringing the total to 7,415.

Data showed that the country recorded 179,619 active cases of Covid-19 yesterday, of which 175,339 (97.6%) were home-isolated patients, while the remaining cases were treated in PKRC, hospitals and ICUs.

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