Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) is working on restoring electricity supply in several parts of the country after a major blackout this afternoon.

In a brief statement posted on its Facebook page, TNB said its technical team was investigating the cause of the blackout and was working hard to restore supply.

Several parts of the Klang Valley were hit by a major blackout amid heavy rain at about 12.45pm, leaving several areas with no electricity.

There were also reports of blackouts at several locations in Pahang, Kedah, Negeri Sembilan, Perak and Penang.
Nationwide Blackout
Credit: The Star

Countless Businesses are Affected by the Blackout

The power outages also affected shopping malls, airports, public transport such as trains and delivery services, and traffic lights on the roads.

IT project manager T. Ramasamy said that parts of the Sunway Pyramid basement parking lot were pitch black, while others were dimly lit.

 “I was with my colleague and we were leaving the building. By the time we came up from the parking lot, we were trying to figure out what was happening until the announcement came from the PA system of the shopping complex to inform visitors.

“Most of the mall including walkways and some shops had lights, but some shops were completely dark,” he said.

Blackout Affected Businesses
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Netizens complained about the Blackout

Popular comedian Harith Iskander said the power outage had caused massive traffic jam outside the Publika shopping mall.

“Massive jam outside Publika. Entrance to car park all close. Car jockey full. Go home folks!” he tweeted.

Meanwhile Twitter user @Justmineen mentioned that the train she was on was stuck for 15 minutes due to the power outage.

RapidKL in a statement on Twitter said the power supply disruption in several Klang Valley areas affected its Light Rail Transit (LRT) services, particularly the Ampang-Sri Petaling line.


Blackout caused Huge Loss! Businesses were forced to be closed

Another Twitter user Heisenberg (@FernndoAlonso14) said he had to close his restaurant in Taman Desa, Jalan Klang Lama for the time being.

Cheras resident Lee Hong Kui, 42, said that the power outage struck while she was in the middle of baking cookies.

“I had to throw out that batch and start again as I was baking for my niece’s birthday tomorrow. The ingredients were not expensive but it was such a waste.”

Journalist Chelsea Ng who lives in Ampang said her mobile data was also affected during the blackout and she was unable to access the internet without power to her wifi router.

Blackout Nationwide
Credit: Thestar

TNB apologized for the disruptions caused by the Nationwide Blackout​

In a statement on its official Facebook account, Tenaga Nasional Berhad said that it is aware of the blackouts.

“There has been a disruption in the electricity supply in several areas. Our technical team is currently identifying the cause and we are working to restore the power supply. We apologise for any difficulties experienced by our users due to this disruption,” it said.

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