Yang, 39, revealed in May 2020 that he was marrying Wang, seven years his junior with whom he had been in a relationship for over three years. The cosmetics entrepreneur was three months pregnant, he continued.

Their daughter, whom he nicknamed Anah, was born in December 2020, the same year they formalised their marriage.

Yang and Wang conducted their star-studded wedding at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taipei on July 31.

Wang first uploaded a picture of herself and Yang in their wedding attire with the comment “Best Sunday of my life”

She uploaded further photographs on Tuesday with the message, “McDonald’s beside the stairs is a MUST.”

On Tuesday, Yang uploaded additional images to social media, including one of the wedding procession. He wrote, “My favourite moments of the night.”

He also posted pictures of the after-wedding party with the description, “It was a great night.”

According to Taiwanese media, there were more than fifty celebrities present at the 45-table supper.

Ruby Lin and Cheryl Yang, who co-starred with Yo Yang in the Netflix series Light The Night (2021 to 2022), were among the guests, along with actress Gwei Lun-mei, who co-starred with Yang in the dark romantic comedy A Leg (2020), and actors Shawn Yue, Joseph Chang, and Chen Bo-lin.

Also present were the famous couple Hsiu Chieh-kai and Alyssa Chia, the actor Chang Chen, and the actress Ivy Chen.

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